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ALL proceeds from this auction benefit the Helena Figure Skating Club. Thank you for your support!

All jerseys MUST be paid for Saturday night before 9:30pm or it will be given to the next highest bidder. 

If you are not present to pick up your jersey, a $15 shipping fee will be added if you are needing it shipped. 

The auction will begin Friday, Feb 9th at 12pm MST. 

The auction will turn off automatically at 8pm on Saturday, Feb 10th. Once off, the winning bidder will receive an email notification. This is final. NO jerseys will be distributed until all winner emails are sent. 

If your first bid doesn't post after you register, please refresh the page and try again. 

Winners please see Crystal Curry with the Helena Figure Skating Club in the Bighorns Store upstairs to pay for your jersey. We take cash or credit card only, no checks. If you are not present, please provide a phone number in a reply to your winners email and she will take your payment over the phone. The winners email will be verified before payment is accepted. 

If you are present at the game and want to pick up your paid jersey, please come down to the ice once the game has ended. We will take a photo of you with the player whose jersey you won, and after the photo, they will give the jersey directly to you.


Please be respectful of this auction and the process. We will not tolerate any rude behavior, or any disrespect to our staff members during this auction. The Helena Bighorns staff has the right to refuse service to anyone who treats our staff poorly. If you don't win, it's ok, it all goes to a good cause!

Please contact for any questions. 

Bighorns Jersey Auction

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